Today, everyone uses smartphones. The main reason is the internet connection is getting cheaper and faster with new 3G and 4G technology. In fact, more people are interested in using their smartphones for video chats. Initial days, video calling apps were failed because of the poor connection and inaudible sounds. But now the Scenario was changed due to the usage of high-speed internet connections and efficient compression algorithms.  Video calling made face-to-face conversations anywhere anytime. Now we can instantly interact with any person with just a few taps on your phone.

Video calling apps give plenty of happiness, confidence, and trust for parents whose children’s are staying in abroad or away from home.  In fact, videos are the memory we can recall. It also gives full length of fun to students to talk with her friends.

The Following are the Top Video Chatting apps, let’s try it once.

1.     Skype

Skype introduces the world’s first Voice over Internet Protocol System technology. It brought the Webcam calling for talking with clients. Skype is also one of the most popular and reliable video calling app. This app doesn’t need any introduction because of its super design. Later it evaluated to a free Android video chat app.


Skype Corporation was started in 2003 and still, it has been continuing with no drawbacks. It’s not only for PCs, also supports Smartphones.


The first feature is Webcam calling where each computer can act as a server to connect. Accesses all devices, keep connected with your family and friends, Low calling rates while connecting to foreign countries are the amazing features.

2.     Google Duo


Google Duo is one of the most simple video chat apps. It is launched recently. You just create your account for log in then you can good to go by making calls like normal and video calls. It works between iOS and Android which means having cross platform functionality.


Knock Knock which allow you to know about someone up to you answer the call, reliability and simplicity are the unique features.

3.     Viber

Viber was launched in 2013. It is designed with cool features and functionalities. Viber has no registration process like other applications.



Free international calls, Automatic encryption of messages for privacy are the unique features of Viber.

4.     IMO

IMO was launched in 2007. It is a simple video calling app for both Android and iOS users.



End-to-end encryption of messages, video and voice calls, Less data consumption for calls are the features of IMO.

5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps and available for both iOS and Android users freely. It has more than 100k million subscribers are online in seconds.

 Facebook Messenger


Find your friends easily by names or phone numbers, connects people globally.


WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps ever. It is integrated with voice and video calling features. It is also a cross-platform which boasts millions of users.



Free voice and video calls, Multimedia sharing option.

7.     Hangouts

Hangout is an amazing video calling app. It lets you connect with up to 9 people at once. Hangout is a Google’s back up. It can be installed on all devices.



Chat synchronization integrates all Google accounts and turns a conversation into a video call.

8.     LINE

LINE is the first app that turns the way of communication around the globe.



Simultaneously chat with over 200 friends on group, Browse stickers including world-famous celebrities to make chats more fun.

9.     Tango

Tango is one of the most popular video calling apps. It offers best quality in video calling.



Accessibility of both iOS and Android devices, Switching mode, option for subscription and timeline are the unique features.


OoVoo became a popular app that lets up to 8 people on a group call at one time. It can be installed on any phone, tablet and PC.



Linking videos together to create amazing fun and Cutting –edge technology are the main features.


ICQ is a highly convenient and best app for Android. It has unified functions to make communication easier and fun. It provides high security to passwords. And ICQ do not require your phone number to log in.


High-quality video and audio calls, Live chat synchronization; 3D animated masks and free international calls are the best features.

12. WeChat

WeChat is for the people who are not using Facebook. They should try this one. It is one of the best apps that increase user base incredibly. It allows users to connect with family and friends globally.


HD voice and video calls, highest privacy control, certified as TRUSTe, supports nearly 20 different languages.

13. Instagram

Instagram is one kind of app that allows you to share videos and pictures from their daily lives. It has features of emojis, captions, edits, filters, tweak settings etc for entertaining others. It allows you to see your favorite accounts and their posts.


Video calls, the group calls with 4 person limit.

14. JusTalk

JusTalk is a cross-platform app. It focuses on video chatting only. It allows users to record the video calls.


Reliability, HD voice and video calls, free download and fun creating features like doodling while in a video call.

15. Snapchat

Snapchat is the most preferred chat app of teenagers. Based on that reason, it has overcome Facebook and Instagram.


It has the ability to share short video clips (GIFs), Filters and support publishers for content are the amazing features of Snapchat.

16. FaceTime

FaceTime is designed especially for iOS. It allows you to access any iPhone, iPad or Mac device globally. It makes it more easier to connect with people anywhere in the world.


HD video calls with up to 70p, incoming calls get connected to your Mac devices even your FaceTime is not running are the best features of this app.

17. SOMA

SOMA Messenger is an instant messaging app. It is very similar to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. It allows up to 500 active users on chats.


Superior quality, High-quality voice and video calls and privacy are the standout features of SOMA.

18. YeeCall

YeeCall is a video call app, allow you to make free video calls, voice calls and send text messages easily. It lets you to connect with your family and friends. You can also make a conference call with up to 20 people at a time.


Real-time doodle with free calling, HD calls and real-time sharing of photos and everything are the best features of YeeCall.

More over, You may also try following Video Chatting Apps Also…

  1. Hala
  2. Zalo
  3. ALLO
  4. SliQ
  5. LivU
  6. Nimbuzz
  7. Glide
  9. Zoom Cloud Meetings
  10. Amazon Alexa
  11. QikCam
  12. CamFrog
  13. 31. Kakao Talk Slack
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