About me

Why Fiksid.com?

Hi! I am Srinivas, a web designer, SEO consultant and analyst.

Since 2002, I am in the field of Blogging. Later I shifted to Web Design field.  And I got considerable working experience in Web design, SEO and blogging. Presently I am working as freelance designer and SEO expert with my own firm Jayati Creative. Even though I am busy with my daily routine work,I update my knowledge regularly. I think there is no end to learn.  I  keep on gathering deep knowledge in latest web technologies.

My aim is to make blogging beautiful and interesting field for every one. I started this Tech blog fiksid.com  to share my knowledge to new aspirants in the industry. I will be happy if one feels satisfied after reading my posts.
How this Blog helps you…

In my experience in the blogging field of over 12 years, I have faced many hurdles, Initial days I thought Blogging is easy to earn money Tool. Later I surprised why my blog posts are not indexing in search engines like google. One fine day when I thought of leaving my hobby of blogging, I read an article of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for blogs. And I started doing research on the term SEO. I recognized how important it is.

I used to sit for hours and hours on my old desktop with slow running internet connection to find out what is SEO  and how to implement it in my blogs. Slowly I was getting into success. When I moved to my own web design work, I started implementing the tricks there also.

Now, the world is not a photo frame or a still picture. It is changing its shape rapidly. Blogging is a competitive field right now. To present live in this firm, one  needs to learn.. learn… and learn.

All the best !