Google Play Store is the primary destination for Android users which satisfies all our needs for apps and games, but it’s not only the place. Sometimes you might not find the app in the Google Play store that you are looking for because of its vast collection of apps and some apps are not localized in your region. There we have many other alternative app stores that are safe to visit.

The secondary app marketplaces also offer paid apps for free and other money-saving offers. They also host a large number of apps. Actually, in Android, the installation of apps from any other source (third party) rather than the Google play store is blocked by default. So, first, you have to do is to enable the third party app installation, Go to Settings to open Security and then Tap on “Unknown sources” to enable it. Now let you install apps from outside of Google Play.

Following are the Alternatives of Google Play Store.

  1. Aptoide

Aptoide was launched in 2009. The alternative app market offers over 350,000 apps. And have 150 billion users worldwide. Aptoide provides the open source version of its store. This Android market alternative is translated into more than 40 languages. It is the Play Store with a well-designed user interface. Aptoide is not only available for smartphones and tablets, but also for smart TV and Set-top boxes.

  1. ApkMirror

ApkMirror does not access the paid apps. It only hosts a large number of free apps. The users have to go their website for APK downloads because of it’s not an android app. ApkMirror has user-friendly interface among all other app stores. You can find specific apps using the search bar. In this, all apps are arranged in chronologically. It has an ability to get the old version of apps.

  1. Amazon App store

Amazon App Store was launched in 2011 by Amazon. It was started with 3,800 apps and games and now offers nearly 340,000 apps.  Amazon App store “free app of the day” is the most popular feature to download paid apps for free. It is also called as Amazon underground. It stores 334,000 different types of apps. Every day a premium application is downloaded without paying a single penny. Amazon is one of the best alternative play store to download apps and all. If you want to download the Amazon app, you must have an Amazon account to use the service.

  1. GetJar

GetJar is one of the most popular and oldest websites. It provides a vast array of free apps. GetJar started its service in 2004. In 2014 china acquired the GetJar and provides 1 million apps across all mobile platforms. You can use this GetJar through web interface also. GetJar is the biggest open source Android and the ability to categorize all apps is really mind-blowing. Educations, Entertainment, Social are some of the categories of GetJar.

  1. GetAPK Market

As compared to Google Store GetAPK doesn’t have a great user interface. But it is one of the biggest stores for downloading the APK files. All apps are available freely in this store. You just search the name and download the APK file freely.

  1. Uptodown

Uptodown is a website which is available in 12 languages. It also provides free downloading which means no payment system. It doesn’t require you to a Google account access the apps. It is an official application for an Android and it has a news blog. It looks like a reliable Play Store alternative.

  1. SlideMe

SlideMe is another app store which is preloaded with Open Source Project (OSP) OEM’s. SlideMe provides free and premium apps in various categories to all around the world.

SlideMe is one of the most convenient marketplaces to developers based on the geographical locations.

  1. AppBrain

AppBrain is a final destination for those who are searching for free premium apps. This website offers paid apps for free in a limited time. AppBrain offers both an app and a website to allow users to access its catalog. You need to sign up for the account using the AppBrain.

  1. F-Droid

F-droid is one of the best apps in the world. This entire app and website is run by volunteers and relies on donations. F-droid easily accesses all the codes of the apps. F-droid has the ability to make the apps on its own. It contains only free apps. F-droid has free Open Source software (FOSS).

  1. Mobogenie

Mobogenie supports multiple languages and has the large database. Moboginie can be accessed globally. It doesn’t require an account to access. It is a good android store to download apps and games for free. It has an intelligent system to suggest the best apps for use.

11.Opera Mobile Store

Opera is a well known and popular web browser, where it also offers an app marketplace within its self. It contains apps in APKs form for downloading and installation of apps easily.

In Spite of these Google Play Store Alternatives, You may also consider the following App Stores that have tons of Open Souce Apps and Popular Third Party Apks.

  1. APKUpdater
  2. Mobango
  3. 1AppMarket
  4. Samsung GALAXY Apps
  5. DownloadAtoZ
  7. Appszoom
  9. Blackmart
  10. Tutu App Store
  11. BlackBerry World
  13. Retro play Store
  14. Mall
  15. 1Mobile
  16. Apps PC Store
  17. Android APK
  18. APK Basket
  19. Androidapp4free
  20. 9Apps