There are many good jobs for College and School students that can be done from home without any investment. Here we mention Best High paying Jobs for students for 2017.


Every college student needs some extra pocket money to their expenses. To earn more pocket students can do part time jobs after their study hours. Almost all every college student has PC. Recently, the home based online part time jobs has developed rapidly. It is a great chance to earn some extra money from your home.

There are various types of online jobs for students, these jobs not only gives you money also gives some knowledge.

There are lots of companies waiting for interested and skilled people, to hire those who had their spare time to do their tasks.

If you want to know more about online jobs for students read this article to choose, which job is best for you? Here we provide Top and best Online jobs for college students.

List of Top Online Part-Time Jobs for College Students

  1. Blogging


If you have a little blogging knowledge, it means if you know  how to create blog? Blogging is your best part time job to earn more money. If you have a blog, you will have your own business.

There is no investment required to create a blog. Its free at blogger with free sub domain from blogspot.

In your  blog you post some topics in which you are interested. Any one visit your blog and click it you earn money from ads sponsors.

  1. Home based data entry jobs- copy/ paste, Typing jobs


If you have a good typing skills, Online data entry jobs gives you a great chance to earn money.

In this jobs company sends their documents through email, you retyped that document in notepad and resend it to the company.

In this copy/ paste job also available for slow type writers.

Company will pay you online through bank account.

  1. Sell products and crafts on Online shopping sites

If you are interested to make crafts, small jewellery and toys. Sell them in online through online shopping websites.

You could also sell your old books in bookstore online.

  1. Ads posting with Company’s software

Some company’s provides ads posting work in online. In this, company give some tasks you will post that in company’s website by using company’s software.

After your post will published, company will pay you via PayPal.

  1. Upload videos on YouTube


If you are skilled in making videos to how to solve problem when it occurs and some other effective videos, you can upload your videos to YouTube with your own You Tube channel.

Anyone watch your video YouTube pays money to you.

  1. Sell your Photography Online

If you are good at photography, you could earn money from your pictures.

The way to earn money with photography, you create an account and upload your photos to it on Picasa.

People visiting these sites to buy the rights to use your pictures.

  1. Article writing jobs

If you are fluent in English, passionate writer and have a well defined knowledge related various topics. Article writer or content writer is a best job for you.

In this you write Articles related to various topics and earn money for it.


  1. PPT Designer jobs

If you have a great knowledge in designing power point presentation, simply earn with PPTs.

Most working professionals especially the ones with an extreme work pressure have no time to create their presentations

They gives you a topic, after submitting a PPT they will pay you.

  1. Design website

If you have knowledge in how to design a website, you will easily earn more money to design a websites to schools, college events, hospitals and societies etc.

  1. Manage company websites

Some companies provide work to managing their websites.

In this they give you a company’s software you will post their regular updates in your free time.

For a particular numbers company will pay money to you.

  1. Earn Money from online Tuition

If you have an excellent skills in teaching, you can  take tuition to teach students online through online classes.

You can do such online tutoring work from websites that pays you cash.

  1. Playing Games Online

If you are interested in playing games, here is a great chance to play games and earn money.

Various websites offers money for playing online games. Because these develops and makers want to test their games.

  1. Form filling jobs

It is also like a data entry. In form filling various organizations gives their customers details to some companies.

Such companies’ offers form filling jobs to you.

In this company provides all details about customer and their organization through software. You simply fill that details after submitting forms company will pay  money to you

  1. Online survey jobs

If you are interested to take survey.

There are many company’s and websites enables you take surveys to get paid.

  1. Freelance writing

If you have a good writing knowledge, you can become a resume writer to earn money.

Some candidates who needs a professional resume may contact you in some websites.

  1. Earn Money by Clicking Ads

There are many websites offers earn money by clicking on their ads and download apps.

This is simple work, but it pays you less.

  1. Captcha solver


Everyone knows captcha. It is an image that you see at the time of creating an any website.

To solve captcha by identifying images and characters.

This is also a way to earn money online.

  1. Virtual Recruiter

It allows you to explore the potential to being  a contact between companies and candidates for recruitment.

In this way also you earn money by the company.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

It is little harder than all. In this you sell other people’s products on internet with commission.

  1. EBook writer

If you are interested in writing books, write an eBook and earn money.

Writing an eBook is an extra skill of person.

It is free of cost to you and you earn money from who buy the rights to use your book.


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