The best torrent sites to download files are not always easy to find, especially in French. We have all our habits, but we rarely find everything we need on one site and some of them close, sometimes to better reopen behind. We make a point on the best sites of French and foreign torrents!

New Mobile Technology

To start, let’s look at the most popular torrent sites in terms of traffic. This is a good way to measure their popularity and therefore the interest of Internet users for these sites. The ranking unveiled by the TorrentFreak website places KickassTorrents in first place for this year, just ahead of The Pirate Bay who made a good comeback after its reopening. ExtraTorrent occupies the third place of the podium. Here is the top 10 in terms of traffic:

  • KickassTorrents

The site has meanwhile fallen and the area seized by the US authorities. But a perfectly functional clone exists at

  • The Pirate Bay

Several times victim of seizures of their domain names, and blocked in France, the site remains nevertheless accessible at for the moment. If you can not access the torrent site directly, you can also try its address on the Tor network: http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/.

  • ExtraTorrent

The site of torrents has decided to close its doors of its own accord. 

  • Torrentz

The torrent site seems to have put the key under the door at the initiative of its administrators. 

  • (accessible)
  • (accessible)
  • (accessible)

The torrent sharing site has decided to close its doors of its own accord. 

  • (accessible)
  • (accessible)

Best Torrent Sites

This has not escaped you, no site in regional language is included in this world ranking. Do not panic, we give you our small selection of the best Torrent sites in the country of cheese. Torrent 411 is surely one of the best French sites. It requires registration and works with a system of ratio, but the community is very active and the quality to the rendezvous.