Hello everyone, all the people in the world using Facebook to communicate with their friends, family members, colleagues etc. Do you know face book provides you a great chance to making money with your face book account?  Are you looking for how does make money on Facebook? Read this article, we provide specific tips you can apply to your Facebook was marketing strategy to make money, as well as saving your spare time with inspiration and increase business personal income.


Tips to make money with Facebook

1.Make great posts.

Generally, people share their posts in Facebook. If you are expert in writing a great content, earn money from your posts with appropriate links.
In this you can share posts like exam materials, valuable articles, recruitment links etc.
You can get paid by clicking your posts.

2.Install apps

Facebook provides ads on its page, by installing apps or ads on your facebook page. You can get paid with those app owners.

3.Create a Group

If you are easily communicating with others create a group and add the people who likes you and who follows you. Share useful posts, if you have a business deals it is a great place grown your business deals.

4.Selling Products

On Facebook, it is a facility to sell your products with good profit. Share your product along with a group, the people who likes your product wants to buy your products and others who likes the product asks you to make another.

5.Promote your Books

If you have knowledge in writing books or collects some interesting articles and form them as a book. If you want to buy your book to your friends, make the books front page as your cover picture and share the picture publicly.

6.Display ads on your page

Same as displaying ads on blogs, you can set up ads to display on your page by using advertising companies such as AdSense. Your friends click that page you can get paid
You can also improve your earning by making ads that related to products or services people of your friends more interested in.

7.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money with Facebook. In this, affiliate networking sites like Clickbank and Max-bounty Offers free registration.
You select a product which would be your friends like to buy.

8.Sponsored Likes & Shares

You also earn some extra money with sponsored likes.
If you have a more number of friends, you could try like or share a page, website, picture, etc for a fee on micro job sites like Fiverr.


You can start a blog for free with blogger, and include Google Ad-sense to set up ads to display on your blog to earn some money.
You can get some sponsorship, once you build your reputation as an expert on anything related to Facebook.

10.Sell fan page posts

You have a big Facebook fan page but you do know how to make money from it. Selling posts on your fan page is the easiest way to make money from that.

As Facebook already introduced Adwords like features ex: Promoting a Website, page or post and Getting likes with some amount of money, You can start earning money also by promoting your adsenses based page or Affiliate page.

Other ways will be updated soon.



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