whatsapp.facebookAccording to the American press, IBM will lose a big customer in the Cloud: WhatsApp.Facebook plans to migrate the IT messaging in its own data centers.

Blow to IBM in the field of Cloud. According to CNBC, Facebook reportedly plans to migrate WhatsApp IT architecture to its own data centers. Today, the IM service runs on the IBM Cloud (Softlayer renamed Bluemix). This flip-flop could begin by the end of the year, says an anonymous source in American daily. WhatsApp is one of five major customers for the public IBM Cloud in terms of revenue, spending $ 1 million per month. A ranking refuted by IBM to our American colleagues.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for a whopping $ 19 billion in February 2014. At the time, the mail service running on the IBM Cloud Softlayer. Logic would have dictated that the company Mark Zuckerberg repatriates IT architecture WhatsApp in its own data centers. But at the time of redemption, Facebook was already waging a scale migration, that of Instagram. The photo sharing application, acquired in 2012, was on AWS and rolled onto datacenters social network.

700 bare metal servers at data centers US

Another element of the delay in the activation of migration WhatsApp, Facebook has its own messaging solution, Messenger. Mark Zuckerberg did not wish to integrate WhatsApp too quickly and prevent it from “facebookise” too early.

Yes but now since, WhatsApp has grown to 1.2 billion subscribers. And Facebook has expertise in migration. As part of WhatsApp, CNBC shows that the instant messaging service uses 700 high-end servers in IBM data centers in San Jose, California and Washington DC. In 2009, the creation of WhatsApp, developers have preferred offering bare-metal to run the application and Softlayer was known to operate this type of architecture in Cloud mode. The company was acquired in 2013 by IBM.