“There is a ‘Whatsapp group called’ Interschools, if invited, did not join the group he belongs to Daesh (ISIS). If you join the group, you can not get out, be alert, inform -in other, send it to your family and your children on Whatsapp so that they are cautious. “

You may have seen this message circulating on social networks. On Google, the search term the “interschools” have been multiplied by 10 since the beginning of June – when the message seems to appear on the Internet.

But do not panic, it is a hoax: it is impossible to remain “trapped” in a Whatsapp group. This rumor resembles another that had circulated in the last few months, which evoked this time a group called “Firdaus we ascend” ( “Paradise we go” in a mixture of English and Arabic).