Google Fined by EU

Google has fined a record of $5 billion (4.3 billion) for antitrust violations on Android mobile phones. By the way of pre-installed the Google search and Apps to obtain the vast revenues in the business. The European Commission said that “Google abusing the market dominance to wishing their Android mobile operating system running only with Google search app and it’s Chrome browser “. Perhaps, they made payments to the high range of manufacturers and mobile network operators on condition that they exclusively pre-installed the Google search app on their devices”.

Google appeal with the commission’s decision, where it denied to engaged in anti-competitive practices. Google faced the penalty up to 5% of the worldwide turnover of their parent company, Alphabet effectively in 90 days.  Nearly 80% of Smartphones run on Android in Europe and worldwide which are originally developed by Google.

European stated that “Google denied competing with their merits”. Google had 90% market shares in most European countries in the system of licensable mobile operating systems. European regulators had taken an adversarial approach, especially in competition, data protection and tax issues. Through that EU found this illegal practice of Google.