google podcast

Google launches a new app for the android users. This app is useful for the person who loves the music they can enjoy the app anywhere and any place in the world by downloading the Google podcast in play store or by any other hide app.

What is meant by a podcast?

A podcast means a general audio or video file that can be download and list to it by the users. The android users, own local computers, internet radio users can refer to the podcast. In this, the episodes are automatically updated through the web. People can subscribe to the Google podcast to get the new updates, notification automatically.

Listen to the new app launch by the Google in the play store

The recent new app for the android mobiles is Google podcast which can be the free download in the play store by using podcast app the users can listen to their favourite music or videos for free globally. The main thing includes in the app itself is the link to the Google device so the listeners can pause or resume where they end the podcast. Google podcast can subscribe to an audio file or video file by this the new updates can be noticed by the podcast viewers. According to the podcast, users search the Google technology gives the search result. The Google podcast is now available in Play store (Free Download).

How to Download and Install Google Listening App in Android

  • From home screen, your android mobile go to the play store and click on it
  • The page will open with many apps and adds at the top of the page type Google podcast and click on Ok
  • The Podcast page is open then click on the Install button
  • After installation the icon of the App Google podcast appears in the home screen of your android mobile thus the app is downloaded.

How to use the Google Podcast in all Android

  • The first tap on the Google play music and text what kind of podcast do you want
  • Scroll down the page and given one click on it
  • If you want to see the particular podcast on offline then click on download button it will save on downloads otherwise you can continue the podcast in online mode
  • While seeing the video or listening to the music you can pause or resume the podcast
  • In setting, you can delete automatically the finish or unfinished episode of the podcast these will remove after 30 days or 90 days and never.

 How to Subscribe or Add Shortcuts of your podcast in the home screen

  • First, go to the Google play music from the home screen of your mobile
  • On the left side of the screen there are three lines tap on it then the list of the things appear tap on the podcast.
  • Search the podcast which you want
  • Tap the podcast which you want to subscribe
  • Then click on Subscribe
  • To get the new uploads, notification and auto download the episodes make the tick mark in the checkbox.
  • Click Subscribe
  • Add shortcut search the podcast at the top right of the podcast three vertical dots appear to click on the add to home screen
  • A small page will appear in that tap add automatically.
  • The podcast adds automatically to the home screen.