Haworth X99 task chair is one of the most comfortable office chair made on Eco-friendly European design. This chair has ergonomic option to one feel comfortable for longest work days. X99 is made of 3-point tilt mechanism and has maximum comfort features like 3-position seat depth, and flip-out tension control. X99 is made in US with 38% recycled material. And it’s 91% recyclable also.

Haworth X99 Task Chair

Haworth X99 task chair Features:

  • It’s created by Germany’s ITO Design to maintain highest level of performance.
  • Stimulates one’s body and mind and keeps feel comfortable.
  • It is one of the top office chairs featured with waterfall front edge to serve relieve pressure on thighs and knees results restricted flow of blood.
  • Can be easily adjustable to all shapes, sizes and different work styles.
  • X99 is able to recline 24 degrees that can regulate the amount of resistance felt when leaning back.

This Chair is available in Amazon.com at $1,299.00


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