Is your YouTube Started to Work Slower?

Are you searching for any solution to avoid streaming? Then this article is for you to speed up your player in any browser.

The latest design of the YouTube Player is very demanding on computer resources.

Many users are not happy with the new version, because YouTube Player was optimized well in Chrome only.

So the users who use the adherents of Firefox, Opera Next and Edge, Safari are not satisfied with the Player. YouTube is running slower in these browsers, especially on old computers.

The main problem was to use an alternative API that is poorly optimized for the browser. But there is a way to speed up YouTube without changing the browser.

To resolve the problem, you must follow the following steps.


  1. Download Tamper Monkey extension in Firefox, Safari, Opera Next and Edge (link select).
  2. Confirm the warning about the credibility of this extension.
  3. Agree to the installation.
  4. Now install the script (link), then
  5. Switching the YouTube interface on the classic.