Collection of 25 Best working Whatsapp Hidden Tricks & Tips working with Latest version


Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app for Android, iPhone and Web. It runs with internet data connection. Here are the Latest Top secret whatsapp tricks and Tips for 2016. Our team found over hundred working Tricks for Whatsapp latest version. After checking each and every trick on Android Phone, We have written this article. In near future, we are going to update this article with other latest Whatsapp tricks also. So keep visiting this page by Bookmarking it.

Latest Features of whatsapp in 2016

1. Read Messages, Hide blue ticks

To hidden blue ticks while reading messages simply follow one of these two tricks.
1. Use airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi. Open WhatsApp, read your message. Once done, close WhatsApp by killing it from the memory too, and then start your data again.
2. Add a WhatsApp Widget on your desktop. If a message arrives, you can read the entire message without the sender knowing it.
3. Disabling those giveaway double blue ticks (Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts)

2. Hide your “last seen” time

If you want to hide your last seen time to your friends or every one simply follow these steps.
Open whatsapp > Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Nobody

3. Format your text with Bold, Italic and Strike through:


Add bold, italics and strikethrough to any messages. Simply use the special characters before and after the words to get the formatting of your choice. For example, use asterisk for bold (*hai*), underscore for italics (_hai_) and tilde for strikethrough (~hai~).

4. Send a message to multiple contacts at once:

If you want to forward a same message to multiple people, don’t waste your time to send the message to individual contact. Broadcasting a single message to multiple people at once is possible. simply follow these steps.
Open whatsapp > Menu > New Broadcast > select contacts upto 256 > send message by clicking on ‘Tick Mark’.

5. Mute chats and groups:

If you are on a group chat that sends too many messages across or if your friend sends you too many unwanted messages, you can simply mute the group or contact to stop alerting you.
You can choose to mute the audio alert or the notification respectively.
The messages will come in but will only show you when you start WhatsApp.
Select the contact or group > select ‘mute’ icon > choose one of the option how much long you want to mute that chat > Click on ‘ok’.

6. Save data when using WhatsApp:

If you are on a slow or expensive data network, you can choose to reduce your data consumption by selecting what you want to automatically download.
Similar to turning off audio and video downloads when roaming, you can also choose
Menu > settings > Data Usage > when roaming > No media
Menu > settings > Data Usage > when connected to wi-fi > all Media

If you want to save data during whatsapp call, you can click on
Menu > settings > Data Usage > select low data usage

7. Document sharing through Whatsapp:

Recently, whatsapp allowing you to send and receive documents too, along with Photos & videos in formats like PDF, Excel and Word files.
Simply attach the document to your chat and share your documents.

8. Add your favorite contact on your home screen for individual chat:

If you are constantly chatting with a few friends, you can reduce the time to start WhatsApp and hunt for the name and start a conversation.
Add your favourite contact on home screen by
Simply long press on the contact > Menu > select ‘Add chat shortcut’ .
It can directly placed on your home screen, start chatting from there itself.

9. Disable notification preview to protect your chats in Whatsapp

When you receive a message, you can see that message scroll in your notification bar, even if you don’t have WhatsApp opened.
Through this feature, you could have sensitive messages being read by unwanted elements peeping into your phone. To avoid this,
Go to phone settings > disable notifications for WhatsApp.
Once done, WhatsApp will not show anything on your notification bar.

10. Use your WhatsApp on your big screen PC

If you want to use WhatsApp on your PC, simply connect your phone to the PC using WhatsApp Web.
Go to ‘’ > scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile (from settings and WhatsApp web).
Your entire WhatsApp chat will be seen on your browser.

11. Able to make voice calls:

Do you know , WhatsApp can help you make phone calls around the world–with other WhatsApp users.
Select contact > hit the phone icon to make a voice call.
The call is absolutely free of cost, but you will spend on internet data—mobile or Wi-Fi

12. Magical emojis available in whatsapp, try it:

This is a simple feature.
If you send a message with just a single heart emoji in it, WhastApp converts the heart emoji into a giant one and animates it with a heartbeat. Don’t believe us, try it right now.

13. Different emojis related to one with coloring effect in Whatsapp :

Did you know that there are more emojis than what you see. To see more
Simply long press on the emoji that you like, and you will see some more come up on the list.
Choose the ones from the list for your requirement.WhatsApp introduces new emojis on Android.

14. Pull back your accidentally sent messages in Whatsapp:

If you are accidentally sent message to the recipient.
There is a way to pull back your messages before it reaches your recipient, to do this trick.
If your data connection is fast, hit the airplane mode
If your internet connection is a little slower, you can halt the message before it heads outwards. At this time, you can delete the message and turn on data back again.

15. Give a reply to particular message in group chats:

This one is the most-recent features that WhatsApp introduced.
If you are in a huge WhatsApp group or in a long conversation with someone, you can refer to a particular message that you are replying with quotes.
Simply long press on the particular message in the list and you will see the reply option popup (Android users will see an arrow icon on the top-left).
Click on reply and your quoted message will appear as a box along with your reply.

16. Easily saved important messages with star:

You can highlight some messages and store them as favourites. These are called ‘star’ messages in WhatsApp.
Long press on the message in your chat and click on the star icon.
These messages will be saved as favorites within the chat itself. If you wish to delete chat, you can also have the option to keep the starred messages and delete the rest.

17. Multiple chats can be deleted at once

WhatsApp allows you to select multiple chats or messages in the chat and delete them in one go.
Simply long press on a single chat or message and continue tapping on multiple ones after that. Then delete them from the options menu.

18. Backup/Export chats and media to email

Backup or export particular chats for safe keeping.
In the chat screen,
Click on the ‘options’ > ‘more’ > ‘email chat’.
You can send the entire chat with or without the media elements to your desired email address.

19. Search particular messages with a word:

If you are part of a large WhatsApp group, finding a particular message becomes a task. You could either mark important messages with a star or simply use the search feature to hunt for a particular message.
Click on the ‘search’ icon on the top and enter the text for your search.

20. Easy to know who reads your message in a group chat :

If you are sending messages to a large group, it is difficult to know who has read your message and who has not.

If you want to know who all have your message,
simply long press on the message you have sent > click on the ‘i’ (information) button on the top.
This option will tell you how many people have received the message, how many have yet to receive it and how many have read it. On a single one-to-one chat, you can use this option to find out when the recipient read it with date and time information.

21. Transfer WhatsApp from old to new phone:

If you want to change your Smartphone by new one, one could be a task.
Transferring photos, videos, music and documents from one phone to the other is simple.
WhatsApp could be a little tedious. There are two methods for transferring your WhatsApp from one phone to another.
One is to use the feature within the app itself. Simply backup your WhatsApp online with Google drive, install WhatsApp on your new phone and activate it. WhatsApp will sense that you have some data online and will as if you want to restore it.
The second method is to use a desktop PC and transfer the entire WhatsApp folder from the internal storage of the old phone to the new phone. Only after transferring the folder to the same location on the new phone, you should install WhatsApp on the new phone and activate it. WhatsApp will sense that you have some data on the phone and will ask if you want to import it.

22. Ability to send locations through Google maps:

If you are meeting a friend, or want to send your friend to a particular location/address, you can send a Google Map location on WhatsApp.
All you need to do is enable GPS, then tap on the attachment icon (the paperclip icon) and choose location. Google Maps will open up, and you can simply mark the location pin and send it on WhatsApp.
The recipient can then click in the message, open Maps and follow the map to reach the destination.

23. Able to use two or more WhatsApp numbers on one phone:

If you can use two SIM cards WhatsApp allows a single number to be used with the app and does not recognize the other number.
You cannot use two WhatsApp applications on the same phone to run the other number. The only option you have is to use a third-party app (parrel space) to have two WhatsApp applications on the same phone.

24. Changing different wallpapers on whatsapp screen:

You can choose to give your chat screen a different look compared with the stock WhatsApp background.
Choose from the wallpaper of your choice from ‘options – chats – wallpaper’.

25. Use different languages

You can also type and send messages in the language of your choice. Choose from 11 different Indian languages from the settings.
Go to ‘options’ > ‘chats’ >‘app language’.


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