pride emotion in fACEBOOK

On the occasion of the Pride Month, the social network created an ephemeral emoji in support of the LGBT community.

For more than a year, Facebook users have added six new emoticons, called “reactions”, to the traditional “blue thumb”, to react to the statutes and publications of their friends. Since the beginning of June, the social network of Marc Zuckerberg has created a new emoji on the occasion of the “month of pride”: the “pride” button , symbolized by the rainbow flag of the LGBT community.

In the United States, most “Pride Marches” – more commonly known as Gay Pride – and LGBT events are held in June . It is not a question of enjoying a milder weather, but above all of commemorating the New York riots of Stonewall in 1969,

Regular reviews of cyber-harassment

“As pride celebrations begin around the world, Facebook is proud to support our community in its diversity, with those who have identified themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered. .], “The company said  in a statement on June 5 . Until the end of June, Facebook offers its users a wide range of rainbow colors to personalize their profile photo, as well as the use of a new emoticone “pride” .

To use this new emoji reaction, simply go to the LGBTQ Facebook page and click the “Like” button. Despite Facebook’s continuing support for the LGBT community, many associations point out that homophobic remarks continue to proliferate on Facebook. “Despite a regular report by the association of hateful comments on LGBT people on Facebook, Twitter and several blogs, the big Internet players still do not implement sufficient means to protect their users and enforce the French legislation in force, “SOS Homophobie points out  in its annual report .